REVIEW: Midnight Movie (2008)



Midnight Movie: B-

Pretty solid indie horror flick about a group of teens who are watching a rare horror movie in an empty theater who get picked off one by one by a tall guy in a weak mask with a limp. Basically eight generic horror movie teens are watching a forbidden horror movie when one of them gets up to go to the bathroom and then all of the sudden he is seen on the theater screen getting killed by the killer in the actual horror movie. At first they think is just some psycho copy cat killer , but after strange events start happening they realize they are trapped inside the movie. That plot point was pretty weak and was pretty unnecessary and over all detracted from the movie.

The gore was a little above average, the girls were hot (forget it if you are hoping for nudity) and the killer was kind of stupid looking. He also used one of the dumbest weapons in slasher history.

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