REVIEW: Wrong Turn 5 (2012)



Wrong Turn 5: D+

I saw the first two films in this series and they were not bad, in fact I would say the first one is down right good. However, I was unaware that they even made a 3rd or 4th but I figured the story would not be affected at all if I hopped right in to the 5th installment and I was right.

Basically it is the same fuckin story as the rest. Five idiots that you hate show up for a festival in a small West Virginia town to sell their pot and shrooms. After a run in with the father of the pack of freaks (Doug Bradley) they then get arrested by the local sheriffs and all booked in jail. After this, Bradley’s kids, the deformed freaks, come after him and murder all those in their way.

The kills are creative including the use of a brazen bull, a lawnmower to the face, and the torture rack, but the makeup was awful as you could clearly see the masks the freaks were wearing. Doug Bradley was the best part of the movie which should tell you all you need to know.


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