REVIEW: Gacy (2003)


Gacy: F

Who would have thought that the homoerotic killing spree of an overweight clown would be so un-fun? The guy who plays Francis in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure plays Gacy, an overweight clown who goes on a homoerotic and un-fun killing spree. If reading those two sentences back-to-back annoyed you, don’t watch this movie because you obviously have a low threshold for annoying shit.

Gacy appears to be a model citizen. He hosts BBQ’s, drinks scotch with everyone, dresses up like a clown and does magic, and playfully wrestles with the misguided young boys he hires at his construction business. His favorite thing to do it not the stuff of model citizens; the guy loves to lure male drifters and other unfortunate boys to his house so he can rape/choke them to death. His basement starts to stink really bad because of all the raped/choked boy corpses he hides down there.

That’s what the whole movie is about. Gacy pretends to be a swell guy in the public eye but when no one is watching, he gets his rape/choke on. He just does this until he gets caught. The end.

Oddly, the actual movie isn’t made up of a bunch of murder scenes; it’s mostly scenes of Gacy being frustrated because he isn’t raping/choking people. I’d say a good 90% of the movie is him huffing and puffing because a dozen bystanders at his BBQ are keeping him from strangling some cute blonde boy. The film is also punctuated with uninteresting flashbacks of his dad being really mean to him.

Watching this was an overall unpleasant experience. Maybe they were trying to make this a sort of character study instead of a gore-fest but who wants to watch a 90 minute study of a guy who gets high blood pressure because he can’t murder-molest dudes?