REVIEW: Leprechaun 3 (1994)


Leprechaun 3: F+

Jeez. Where to start with this? I remember watching this movie on pay-per-view when I was 12 and even then, when I would watch ANYTHING in the horror section from the video store, I recognized this as a turd of a film. I remember laughing once at the whole thing, which says a lot since the comedy in this movie is exclusively slapstick and tit jokes. There is little worse than watching film that does this comedy poorly (I laughed when the Leprechaun flips the camera off, so that should tell you how mature I was while watching it for the first time).

The Leprechaun is trapped in a magic statue that winds up in a Vegas pawn shop. When some greedy nimrod releases him from the statue, he not only unlocks a murderous villain from a block of stone, he unlocks the same fucking movie we have already seen twice in the preceding films. The Leprechaun wants his gold and he also wants to kill people. This time, instead of murdering random white trash who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, he slaughters ambitious lowlifes in the gutters of Vegas casinos. They have the same ideas/personalities as the people who died in L1 and L2.

The Wishmaster kill model (which, I guess, should be called the Leprechaun 2 model) is over-utilized in the film. The most memorable kills are a magician getting sawed in half for real by the Leprechaun and a woman who wishes for a hotter body having her breasts/ass/lips supernaturally enlarged until she pops like a balloon full of pig guts. You can of course, see all of this coming a mile away and the execution is so anticlimactic by the time it happens, I contemplated punching myself in the crotch just so I could feel something. But I didn’t because that would have been a victory for Leprechaun 3.

The protagonist is bitten by the Leprechaun and he starts turning into one. Never mind the two biting incidents from the previous films that had no consequences. I think maybe it’s because the Leprechaun was wounded and maybe his blood got mixed in. I don’t fucking know and I’m not going to re-watch the scene just to confirm. If you are capable of critical thinking like that, this film is not for you.

The Leprechaun is defeated when his gold is set on fire. This has a voodoo-esque affect and the Leprechaun himself bursts into flames and dies. I wished at this time that I too would have burst into flames as it would have been more entertaining than Leprechaun 3. The main guy returns to a regular person and there is another Leprechaun cliffhanger at the end which you should realize doesn’t matter because the films have absolutely zero continuity.

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