REVIEW: The Box (2009)

The Box


The Box: D

I love the premise but I hate the movie.

The first 20 minutes of the film is great. The last lot of minutes are not so great. I feel like Kelly keeps doing this same formula: Great premise/conflict that unravels into a meandering spiritual cut-up. There are neat characters but then all of a sudden everything is sprawling out of control and there are CGI blobs

Langella shows up at Cameron Diaz’s house and tells her she can push this button, which, if she does, will result in the murder of a stranger, and her getting a million bucks. Or she can do nothing and sit there with that stupid look on her face and get no money. She needs money like most people, so it’s a real tough call.

She pushes it. This happens pretty early and initiates a plug-pulling on this film which then demands the audience sit there and watch Kelly drain the tub FUCKING SLOWLY.

What could have been a cool commentary on human nature and free will with a badass Twilight Zone atmosphere winds up being a 90 minute collage of people looking worried/confused that sprays pretentious CGI all over your retina.