REVIEW: 28 Weeks Later (2007)


28 weeks Later: B
Greg like movie! Not as good as first movie, but movie still good enough for Greg! When Greg see zombies running in movie, Greg get jealous; Greg like most zombies and can only shuffle and limp!

Begbie from Trainspotting very good lead! Begbie think safe in military supervised compound, but that not true! He emote very good with face! Begbie very animated! Close-up of Begbie enough to affect audience fear and unease!

Movie have subtle subplot: Military just as bad villains as zombies! Greg like anti-authoritarian undertones of movie very much! Make Greg think about in past life when Greg was exploited retail worker cog in Blockbuster Video machine! Make Greg very mad! Make Greg wish zombies would eat bourgeoisie! One day, Greg break out of Bad Movie Place and return to strip mall and Greg eat flesh and brains of oppressors!

Whole cast very good in movie! Stringer Bell from The Wire very convincing cold-blooded military man! Greg hope you see movie! More people who read Greg movie reviews, slower Greg decompose in Bad Movie Realm!

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