REVIEW: Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue (2009)


Nightmare in Red White and Blue: A-

This is a documentary about the American horror film featuring exclusive interviews with John Carpenter, George Romero, and numerous other horror icons and contributors. Great interviews and insightful commentary on some of my favorites. Traces horror from silent film all the way to modern hits like Saw and Hostel.

There are clips from hundreds of horror films and any horror fan will appreciate the elevated dialogue on the genre. Fans like me can admit that guilty pleasures lie in low budget slasher flicks and monster gore-fests, but we know that there is artistic merit and deep social commentary to be found in many works of horror; some of the best horror movies are the ones that make us cringe at the same time we realize that we are viewing a reflection of our own society’s shortcomings.

Lance Hendrickson narrates this odyssey and I can honestly say I was actively interested the whole time. Whether you are a fan of horror or just want a crash course before diving into the genre, you should see this immediately.

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